Ecommerce PowerBoost

Turbocharge your SecureWineShop™ performance with three premium features designed to boost your online wine sales 10% to 20% or more.  Our optional Ecommerce PowerBoost includes:

Abandoned Cart reminder

Industry sources report more than two-thirds of online shoppers add products to their shopping cart but fail to complete their purchase. 

Fortunately, many of these abandoned carts and the sales they represent can be recovered by simply contacting the customer and asking if they wish to complete their purchase. 

Marketers successfully employing these tactics report recovery rates of 10% to 20%...sales that would have otherwise been lost without an effective method for abandoned cart recovery.

SecureWineShop’s powerful new Abandoned Cart Reminder module gives you all the tools you need to identify abandoned carts, automatically contact their owners with any message you choose, and track the results of your efforts.

Customer Rewards program

Returning customers spend more money and generate more profit than one-time buyers, that’s why national brands from Starbucks to Amazon have adopted customer rewards programs to recognize and encourage customer loyalty.

Wildly popular with consumers, industry sources report that customer rewards programs increase overall revenue by 5%-10% and increase both order size and order frequency by 5%-20%.  Additional benefits include standing out versus the competition and the positive word of mouth generated by customers in your rewards program.

SecureWineShop’s flexible Customer Rewards Program give you the ability to award points for purchases online or in-store, then give your customers the option to redeem their points for discounts, special products, exclusive events or gift certificates.


Facebook commerce

Many wineries maintain thriving Facebook pages with active communities of loyal customers.  Now you can make it easier than ever for your winery’s Facebook fans to buy their favorite wine with SecureWineShop’s exclusive Facebook Commerce Module.

Benefits include more online wine sales, a stronger Facebook community and better ROI for your social media spending.



Abandoned Cart Reminder
Works both with registered and unregistered customers
+ Sends automatic email alerts
+ Customers recover carts with 1-click
+ Logs in registered customers
+ Stop alerts automatically
+ Admin can recover carts with 1-click for phone ordering
+ Enables Admin to delete alerts
+ Allows Admins to create/edit/save text or HTML email reminders
+ Control the delay period between the abandonment and reminder
+ Choose when a cart is considered abandoned for good and deleted
+ Shows history of reminders sent and tracks sales results

Customer Rewards
+ Award points for purchasing single products or groups of products
+ Earn points for online or in-store sales
+ Customers can track points earned through their account profile
+ Convert points to gift certificates
+ Use points to award free shipping
+ Use points to award free products
+ Use points to award membership
+ Use points to awarddiscounts
+ Manually edit point balances
+ Admin can track point redemption

Facebook Commerce
+ Full catalog – all products in SecureWineShop can be displayed in a tab on your Facebook business page
+ Sales tracking – Facebook sales are clearly marked in store admin for easy tracking
+ One-stop management – both Facebook and store catalogs are managed in the store admin area

ecommerce powerboost
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$49 per month