POS Integration Features

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For maximum impact, automated wine marketing needs to be timely. So, the best systems use real-time integration to link your winery’s POS to your marketing platform.

PreferencePro™ allows real-time integration with any winery POS system capable of exporting profile data, and offers three options:


PreferencePro™ can work with any winery POS courtesy of our exclusive REST Application Programming Interface (API). Valued by developers for its lightweight design, this API enables real-time integration between PreferencePro and any point-of-sales system.

Default triggers include new subscribers, new orders, new club members, and abandoned carts. Default profiles include order history, store location, wine club status, last order date, total number of orders and customer lifetime value. Synchronization triggers and profile data cab be customized as needed.

Manual Integration

As long as your POS system is capable of exporting order data and customer profiles, PreferencePro™ can be manually triggered by using its Import List Wizard. Imported customer data can trigger the same automated conversations used by real-time integrations.

Integration with SecureWineShop

The easiest way to implement automated wine marketing using PreferencePro™ is to use its built-in integration with SecureWineShop wine sales software. Based on PreferencePro’s exclusive REST API, this integration includes all the triggers and customer profile data needed to power the system’s 16 prebuilt templates and 7 automated conversations.

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