AI Technology Boosts Winery Email Marketing Campaigns

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Windsor, CA – May 2, 2018 VinterActive LLC today announced their integration between its PreferencePro™ winery email marketing system and Persado’s AI-content generation system. 

The collaboration will allow VinterActive clients to generate subject line content best predicted to boost performance, and then review and deploy those subject lines directly within PreferencePro with only a few clicks.

“All email marketing solutions are not created equal,” said Bryan St. Amant, CEO, VinterActive. “VinterActive and Persado share the philosophy that personalizing the customer experience is key. Combining Persado’s AI-powered technology to generate specific words and emotions that resonate with any given audience with VinterActive’s proven email automation platform will allow marketers to connect their customers with the wines they love, using the language that is most relevant to them. The result is increased engagement and increased ROI.”

Now available for any PreferencePro customer, Persado’s innovative software includes subject line generation, emotional analytics, brand customization and trend analysis fueled by AI to help wine marketers make the right decisions on the best language to use for their campaigns.

The integration of Persado Pro within PreferencePro is completed and available to clients now. For more information about Persado or to schedule a demo, please visit

Call VinterActive today to discuss your wine marketing needs and learn how PreferencePro™ can boost your consumer direct wine sales.



+ Powered by Listrak™
+ Mobile-optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop displays
+ Micro-personalization for customer segmentation and one-to-one marketing
+ Automated conversations
+ Performance dashboard for campaign results, list health & historical trends
+ Facebook/Google/Twitter integration
+ SMS messaging available
+ Higher deliverability than retail systems
+ Includes support by wine industry email experts

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$49 per month