Email Marketing

VinterActive Email Marketing

VinterActive pioneered the use of preference-based email marketing in the wine industry over a decade ago -- boosting sales 300% to 500% for some of the largest wineries in the world.

To achieve these results, we use the world's leading email marketing tools and now make them available to you with our PreferencePro™ email marketing system.

Normally priced out of reach for most small businesses, PreferencePro gives any winery the sales power and premium features of an agency-level solution at the low price of a retail email marketing service.

Powered by Listrak™, PreferencePro is mobile-optimized with superior personalization, better management tools and significantly higher deliverability than typical solutions.  Advanced capabilities like A/B testing, automated conversations, SMS messaging and social network integration will help you achieve world-class results with your email marketing campaigns.

Call VinterActive today to discuss your wine marketing needs and learn how PreferencePro™ can boost your consumer direct wine sales.



+ Powered by Listrak™
+ Mobile-optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop displays
+ Micro-personalization for customer segmentation and one-to-one marketing
+ Automated conversations
+ Performance dashboard for campaign results, list health & historical trends
+ AI-fueled subject line generation & testing
+ Facebook/Google/Twitter integration
+ SMS messaging available
+ Higher deliverability than retail systems
+ Includes support by wine industry email experts

Starting from
$49 per month