Wine Club PowerBoost

Turbocharge your SecureWineShop™ with three premium features designed to boost wine club sales 10% to 20% or more.  Our Wine Club PowerBoost includes:


Automated credit card updates

Minimizing declined credit cards is the simplest way for most wineries to instantly boost wine club revenue and profitability. 

SecureWineShop’s automated credit card updates mean you’ll get paid even if a club member’s card has expired or been reissued, in many cases reducing declines by 30% or more.

Club members get the wine they want, you get paid sooner and make fewer calls each wine club cycle.  A win-win-win!


Custom Club Module

Customizable wine club shipments and “user choice” wine clubs are winning tactics for a growing number of successful wineries. 

With SecureWineShop’s Custom Club Module, a customization period can be opened or closed for any wine club, letting members specify the wines they want in their next shipment. You have complete control over which wines they can purchase and how much they must buy. 

Popular with wine consumers, industry sources report that customized product offerings have many benefits for wineries including increased customer satisfaction, faster wine club growth and higher average purchase price. 


Wine Club kiosk

Need the fastest and easiest way to enroll new members in your wine club? 

With a single click, SecureWineShop’s Wine Club Kiosk turns any computer or tablet into a dedicated wine club signup machine! 

This feature allows wine club managers to activate kiosk mode on any web connected device, specify which club(s) to feature and offer customers the shortest possible path to wine club membership. 

Perfect to tasting rooms and events!



Wine Club Management
+ Supports unlimited wine clubs & benefit levels
+ Online enrollment with instant member savings
+ FastTrack sign-up form
+ Wine club kiosk
+ Members update their own shipping/billing info
+ Dashboard tracks members & sales
+ Search by club level, purchase history, shipping method & more
+ Create bulk orders & batch process credit cards
+ Members-only discounts & offers
+ Members-only products & categories
+ Members-only payment methods
+ Members-only wine allocation system
+ Automated credit card updates for wine club members

Wine Sales Features
+ "Always on" shopping cart
+ One-step checkout for returning customers
+ No forced registration
+ Multiple ship-to addresses
+ Gift certificate & gift message options
+ "Best-Sellers" & "Recommended" products

+ Restricted shipping states
+ Optional DOB collection
+ TaxCloud real-time taxes
+ Volume/frequency limits by state

Credit Card Processing
+ 100% PCI-DSS Compliant
+ Accepts all major cards
+ Customers can save cards for repeat purchases
+ Tokenization provides maximum security
+ Supports multiple credit card processors
+ Supports delayed capture
+ Bill Me Later™ & PayPal payment options
+ Card swipe, EMV and ApplyPay readers available

wine club powerboost
starting from
$49 per month