Advanced Features for High Performance Wine Marketing

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Experienced wine marketers and industry consultants can take their game to the next level by using PreferencePro’s advanced capabilities to optimize results.

Here are some of the industry-leading features advanced users will experience in PreferencePro™:

Customized Email Branding

Your reputation as an email marketer drives your sales success. That’s why PreferencePro’s full-service email set-up includes SPF and DKIM authentication, branded links, Google verification and a Yahoo feedback loop. Backed by a team of deliverability engineers, PreferencePro™ goes the extra mile to deliver your messages.

Role-Based Client Accounts

For consultants and corporate marketing departments that manage several clients across multiple winery lists, PreferencePro’s role-based client accounts simplify the task of assigning different permissions to different users.

Create Your Own Email Templates

Savvy marketers learn from their results and over time generate their own library of winning campaigns. Using PreferencePro’s Composer authoring system and built-in template management capabilities, advanced wine marketers can create their own best practices to share with anyone on the team.

Automated A/B Testing

“To do your best, try a test” has been valuable advice for generations of email marketers. Now, PreferencePro’s automated A/B testing makes it easier than ever to test message timing, creative and subject lines, then compare results and automatically send the winning message to your entire list.

AI-Driven Optimization

PreferencePro™ leverages artificial intelligence to maximize results with AI-driven delivery times that learn from customer behavior. And PreferencePro™ is capable of generating AI-inspired subject lines based on your message text.


PreferencePro™ can work with any winery POS courtesy of our exclusive REST Application Programming Interface (API). Valued by developers for its lightweight modern design, this API enables real-time two-way integration between PreferencePro and any point-of-sales system.

Advanced Integrations

Extend your customized PreferencePro™ solution with built-in integrations that work with Google Analytics, Omniture, Salesforce and SecureWineShop™.

Scheduled Analytics

Savvy email marketers constantly measure their results and learn from experience. That’s why PreferencePro makes it easy to customize your performance reports and generate the metrics you need to maximize results. With scheduled analytics, you’ll have all the data you need, delivered exactly when you need it, automatically.

Multi-Step Automated Conversations

Profit from a new level of personalized messaging with multi-step automated conversations. Instead of manually sending each message in your customer dialog, PreferencePro’s built-in conversation generator uses computer logic linked with consumer behavior to form a completely personalized brand experience.

Customer Preference Center

Perfect for wineries offering multiple products and customer touch-points, PreferencePro’s exclusive Customer Preference Center empowers your customers with the ability to control the frequency of your marketing messages, product preferences, and which of your news feeds they want to follow.

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