Predictive Analytics

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Retail marketers have access to an unprecedented amount of data about their customers. Yet most are unable to leverage even a fraction of that insight to drive smarter marketing campaigns.

PreferencePro™ harnesses machine learning capable of processing millions of data points to help you evolve your campaigns in order to drive new levels of engagement, loyalty and revenue.

While machine learning is still in its infancy, here are some of the ways you can already profit from it using PreferencePro™:

Product Recommendations

PreferencePro™ generates personalized product recommendations based on customer purchase history and browsing activity, leading to higher levels of consumer engagement and sales.

AI-Driven Copywriting

PreferencePro™ is available with AI-driven subject lines generated by Persado. Analyzing your customers’ behavior, the words you use and the tone you’re trying to convey in your marketing, Persado leverages the world’s most comprehensive marketing language knowledge base to generate automated marketing copy and headlines that outperform traditional copywriting.

Discount Affinity

It makes no sense to hand out discount coupons to customers who are ready to pay full price. That’s why PreferencePro™ uses past behavior to predict which customers will purchase at full price, and which customers need an incentive to complete their purchase. The result is a higher margin and increased profitability.

Delivery Optimization

What’s the best time to deliver your marketing messages? The answer is when your customers are in the mood to open them. That’s why PreferencePro™ offers the ability to deliver your messages based on local time zones and past behavior, boosting customer engagement and open rates.

Predictive Success

Using PreferencePro’s automated testing capabilities to compare the results of different marketing offers, timing, and creative helps you accurately forecast sales and optimize the performance of your winery’s marketing campaigns.

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